💥 Case study and RTM (Real Time Marketing) 💥


I wasn’t expecting to receive such a great recommendation, but when I did I shared it on Facebook in place of the post I had scheduled.


This is RTM – responding to, or working with events as they happen;


👉 Jo had her own cleaning Biz in London and moved to back to Wales a couple of years ago. 

🆘 She contacted me and asked if I could help with Facebook Ads for her to expand her client base in her new area. 

I asked a few simple questions about her clients, what they needed (their pain points) and what services she offered.

⏩ It was a very quick process, she left all the decisions to me, I used a couple of different images and she had Ads running the next day.

Having set up her Facebook page a couple of years earlier, I was on as Admin to her page and so I wasn’t just seeing CTR (Click Thru Rates in Ads Manager) I was instantly seeing the messages coming through to her 🎯

💷💷 We only spent about £45 in Facebook Ads and Jo was inundated with enquiries and then had to look for extra staff.

Notes to take away 🐘👌

Marketing is Simple so long as;

> You establish the Goal or Outcome required

> Ask the right questions 

> Follow a Strategic SMART Plan

> Find the right solutions/tactics

> Put Plans into Action



Thanks again Jo for such a lovely message.