So, if Content is King, Engagement is Queen! 👸

Do you engage or just simply see and scroll?

This was a popular recent Facebook post, that seemed to resonate with people.

I asked can you PLEASE Stop scrolling  and start commenting on posts.

Remember a ‘SOCIAL NETWORK’ means we are supposed to ENGAGE WITH EACH OTHER 🤗

Imagine you’re at a party and people are just standing there talking – but no one is answering – pretty weird ?

But that’s what’s happening on Social Media if no one comments ! And a like is not enough or a ❤, no, it’s lazy.

Here’s another analogy ……..🎍 Imagine you had a nice shiny new house plant (Facebook Page) and you kept looking at it, but never watered it (commented on that page). You know where I’m going with this don’t you 👍…… we need to ENGAGE and get involved. Water those plants and watch them thrive 🎍

Spend some time today and say something positive on posts of people you admire, want to do Biz with or just to add some value to people 😁

And if you do Engage with people …… guess what ?? Facebook will reward you by showing your posts to those people and lots of others – Simples (need a Meerkat emoji ) 😆