Imagine a game of football without a goal…

…it’s pretty pointless right? 

If you don’t have focused goals in your business how will you know where to aim – or if you’re winning?

Thinking about Marketing as an essential part of your business setup is key, and it’s easy to do with the M.O.S.T. Simple Marketing Framework.

Focus on these 9 core areas of your business and you have a framework to can build on;

M – Your Mission (or vision) and a positive, growth Mindset are key

O – What are your Objectives (Goals) and the Overview or ‘snapshot’ of where your business is now, versus where you want it to be?

S – Having a focused Strategy and a business with a Structure tailored to your needs, makes you work smarter not harder

T – After setting your Goals and Strategy, comes Tactics (or the actions) you’ll put into place, and you’ll be Testing to see what works and Tweaking going forward

These 9 elements make up the M.O.S.T. Simple Marketing Framework and ensure you have all the fundamentals in place.

If you want to reach the right audience, easily and efficiently, and engage with them, with just a few simple tweaks, a fresh focus, or a complete Strategic Plan, Marketing Matters can show you how.

Or, perhaps you need a Marketing Coach to work alongside you? 👭

I’ll ask the right questions so you find the right answers. Let’s look at your business together, set some clear objectives and plan the strategies and tactics to get you there.

I’m Sarah and I’ve worked in Marketing, Advertising and Sales for over 25 years. I’ve gone from talking my way into my first job in sales, becoming Marketing Director for a large Corporate Entertainment company, to re-training for Social Media and Digital Marketing, Consulting on Strategy, Campaign Management, running Facebook Ads and all the bits in between 👊🏼

I’d love to hear about what’s holding you back in your business, so please do get in touch for a free ‘Clarity Call’ or book here and I’ll show you how make sure your Marketing Matters!