Q. Do you need to Revisit your Marketing Plan?

A. Yes – at least once every quarter.


I recently wrote a post in Socials, which got a lot of interest and it was around this topic. So I thought would expand on it.

Having a Marketing Plan in place for your Biz is key in committing to your goals, focusing on where you are now and how you are going to get there. But what happens when things change, or you realise you have may have chosen the wrong goal or path to get there?

Even though your marketing plan will help you visualise and often plan a clear path to success, circumstances can change immediately and without warning and may make your Marketing Plan outdated or even obsolete.

Digital Marketing also changes quickly and often, so you need to keep your finger on the pulse.

So don’t be afraid to respond, review and re-write!

See if you are on target with your Marketing Plan?

Ask yourself;


❓Do you have the same leads and business opportunities as when you launched your products or services?

❓Is your market changing? Has it expanded, receded, and how is that impacting your business and clients?

❓Are any of your marketing activities working well? And, can you trace any new clients or sales to them?

❓Are your products or services making the expected revenue or are they costing more to produce or provide than what they bring in?

❓Do you need to adapt, change your sales tactics? And what is the best timeframe to take action? Now? Next quarter? The following year?


So; Revisit your Marketing Plan often.

It may help to make it part of your planing process and get it firmly fixed in the diary 😁