So, what is Marketing Strategy?

Simply put, a Marketing Strategy is a Statement of your Goals and Plans and the Actions you will put in place to get you there.

For example, think about the following and write down some notes;
  • What are your specific Goals for your Business?
  • How do you Plan to get there?
  • When will you do it?
  • What systems do you need to build to enable these changes?
You may choose one or more Goals, for example ;
  • Focus on attracting new customers to a specific service
  • Launch new service to existing and new customers
  • Grow your Business in a new sector or location

Whatever your Goals, mapping them all out will bring focus and direction.

Your Strategy will form part of a Marketing Plan, or a Business Plan – all with slightly different components.
Finally, when you think you have your Strategy, go over it again, this time make your Goals SMART.


*SMART Goals are;
S – Specific – Well defined and easily understood
M – Measurable – Within fixed parameters
A – Achievable – Realistic but challenging
R – Relevant – Consistent with your long term goals
T – Time-Oriented – Set within a given time frame


How’s your Marketing Strategy?