You may not realise you’re Marketing!

There are many things you can do to ‘Market your Business’.

But what are Marketing Activities?

Marketing Activities are anything you do to put your business in front of people, new or existing customers.

Going onto Facebook to write a post, put up a Video, update your Logo, speak at an event, or any of the following ‘Activities’ can all be classed as Marketing Activities.

You could;

1. Create great visuals and get better Conversions

Again, saving a bank of visuals and images that are within brand and your values – is invaluable. It can save you time and is so useful for when you’re writing up content in bulk. Also, think about;

  • Using interesting images – not just your standard stock ones and if you can use moving images or visuals, or something people can interact with them, even better 👏
  • Try icons in place of words and to convey an idea i.e. Look here 👀
  • Use colours that stand out or POP 💥  in parts of your post – on a CTA action button would be great
  • People like faces 🧒  and arrows ↘️  their gaze is drawn to them …. so use lots of these!

2. Find and save topics for future posts

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to write a blog post and having ZERO ideas. To avoid this, take 30 minutes or so to brainstorm topics you want to write about in the future. Some ideas for triggering topics:

  • Note down popular keywords when doing keyword research
  • Look at top sites in your industry to get inspired
  • Do some searches on BuzzSumo (love, love, love this tool!) to see which topics have already proven popular
  • Read through your blog and social media comments to look for common questions

3. Check out your website analytics

Regularly monitoring your website activity can help you figure out which topics and content-types your visitors ACTUALLY want more of. It can also show you exactly where your visitors are coming from…which can be key to knowing how and where to promote your stuff. Some key areas to pay attention to:

  • Site content that fits with your audience
  • Landing pages that are simple and informative
  • Install your Facebook Pixel!

And Remember ….

Focus on Progress not Perfection!

Everything that’s Visible, that you do in your Business is a Marketing Activity.

You’re doing great!