Q. What is Marketing Coaching and how could it help you?

A. The short version is; Marketing Coaching will help you identify your customers, set and reach your goals, and grow your business.

The longer version is that Marketing Coaching with me will take you on a journey, your journey, based on the areas you need help with.

You might wonder what will we cover? That depends, as no two journeys are the same, but it will result in you finding answers to questions you didn’t know needed asking and plenty of “Yes, that makes sense moments”.

There will be lots of Strategy and Ideal Client work though, as every good Business has ‘Customer Needs’ at its centre.

Whether you’re a new Startup or an existing Business but a bit ‘stuck’, having a ‘Marketing helping hand is key’. 

Despite the image you’re not going to be lying back on a couch with me starting each session with “So, what do you want to work on this week?”, this is more of a Coach/Consultant role. I’ll be working with you, looking at the gaps in your business, your offers, your promotion and all that ‘great Marketing’ is about.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, we’ll work out a game plan together.

How can Marketing Coaching help you?

Well, the old ways of Marketing aren’t really working anymore. That’s because people don’t want to be ‘sold’ to. Your customers want to know you first, they need to like you, then they’ll trust you and only then will ‘they’ take the decision to buy from you.

Marketing was; ‘Providing what the Customer Wants at a profit’.

Marketing is now; ‘Knowing who the customer is, what their pain points and problems are, what you can offer to help with that plus, how they will feel after they have worked with you or used your service, aka the ‘Transformation’.

Focusing on the ‘Transformation’ for the customer, will get to the heart of what they are thinking about the end result. “Will this work, how will I feel after, will it be of value to me, is it the right fit for me?”

Value Proposition;

We have moved on from the USP – The Unique Selling Point and moved on to the the UVP – The Unique Value Proposition. In other words, we don’t talk about selling, we focus on value.

A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered and it’s the reason a prospect should buy from you.

The ‘Unique’ part is the thing that sets you apart from others in your space.

Do you know your Value Proposition?

Could you benefit from some Marketing Coaching?

Let’s ‘Start with the end in mind’ and work out the journey together.

Please get in touch today for more info.