Are you trying to do ‘all the things’ you think you ‘SHOULD’ be doing to build your Business, but not seeing the results you hoped for?

I mean all the things that ‘SHOULD’ help you get visible, get more leads and attract more clients?
You see I don’t think it’s helpful to keep saying ‘SHOULD’! I think it makes us feel bad, that we aren’t doing what we ‘SHOULD’ and it messes with your Mindset!
When we tell ourselves that we ‘SHOULD’ be doing something, we’re subconsciously reinforcing the idea that we’re not doing it.
I really don’t like the word ‘SHOULD’ and I think we ‘SHOULD’ ban it!
Ok, let’s just look at that last sentence and re-write it…..
I really don’t like the word ‘SHOULD’ and maybe we could find another way of re-framing it.
Think about replacing the word should with COULD and go back and re-read the sentence before this one, noticing how much better COULD sounds.
If you take the word ‘SHOULD’ out of your own vocabulary and ignore all the ‘SHOULD’ers, I really do think you’ll feel more confident, have a better Mindset AND feel more able to find your own way, around your own Business!
Yes, you COULD do this or you COULD do that, there are many things you need to do to build your Business.
But replacing ‘SHOULD’ with COULD really takes the pressure off you because you still ‘could’.
Marketing is about trying different things and seeing what COULD work for you and your Business.
So, what COULD you try this week?