How good is your Content?

This blog is based on a post that I shared on LinkedIn on November 4th in Monday Marketing Matters. The response to this post and the engagement was so good that it started Trending on LinkedIn.

How apt that a post about great Content – turned out to be great Content!

So, how good is your Content and does it really resonate with your Ideal Customer and the problems they need solving?

Does it inform?

Is it useful, interesting or valuable Content?

Does it make people stop for a second and think ……..oh yes that makes sense?

If Content creates a valuable moment or a good experience for the customer, it’s good Content!

Think of it this way – if it was a Magazine would you read it?

Chances are if most of the Content you are putting out is ‘We do this or that’, then that’s just advertising and no-one wants to read that Magazine.

Follow the 80/20 rule of no more than 20% of your posts being advertising posts. The other 80% should inform, educate or give value in some way.

Like this post – no ‘advertising’ at all, just a useful bit of info!

So, be more magazine when you’re thinking of Content.