Why are stories so great from a Content point of view and key to your Content Strategy?

Stories make great Content – because Stories Sell.

Why do some stories endure, decade after decade?

Stories that endure, are those with a great Technique and have all the key elements (of a great story).

It seems apt to share Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’s story, as it’s Christmas day in ONE WEEK🎄

The key story elements are;

  • The central Character: With a name – Rudolph
  • A ‘Telling detail’: His red nose
  • An Inciting incident: The foggy night problem, children will have no presents)
  • The Story Engine: Fueled by Santa’s dilemma; bad weather on Xmas Eve
  • Mythic archetypes: The Curse (Red nose) becomes the Blessing (guiding light).
  • The Payoff: The Reindeer who saved Christmas and ‘will go down in history’

The scene is set for us to picture it all.

We feel (emotion) for the way Rudolph is treated but we are routing for him and totally on his side when he triumphs and saves the day (well, actually it’s the night) with his bright red beacon nose and is loved by one and all!

So, next time you want to write a Story as a compelling, piece of Content, remember our friend Rudolph.