Do you go a bit wobbly when someone mentions……. STRATEGY?

All STRATEGY means is your Plan of Action and the detail behind it.

It will really help if  YOU ASK YOURSELF SOME KEY QUESTIONS about your Business….

What, who, why, how, when and where……

  1. WHAT is it you do? Be specific i.e. I help with Strategy and Content (not Marketing as a whole)
  2. WHO do you help? Who are your customers – you need to know this to write the best Content for them?
  3. WHY should people work with you? What makes you different? We’re all unique with the experience and qualifications we’ve got.
  4. HOW can people work with you? What are your services or key offerings etc??
  5. WHEN is the best time to speak to your Audience? Not just time-wise – but at what stage of their (funnel) journey i.e. where are they in their ‘buying journey.
  6. WHERE is the best place to find your customers? Where will you promote your Business?

Once you know the answers to these key questions, you can start to plan your Strategy.

Then comes the detail of each part, the ‘Tactics’ (the specific actions you’ll take to deliver the info above) but we’ll save that for another day!

Do you know the answers to these 6 key questions?