If you’ve ever thought “I’m rubbish at Marketing” rest assured you’re not alone;

Many people also think the following so they do nothing;

  • I struggle with being consistent
  • I feel stuck, so I seem to procrastinate a lot
  • I can’t work out how to launch
  • Fear is holding me back, I’m just not sure what to do first
  • My Social Media has no engagement, is it worth doing?
  • I don’t use my email list 
  • I don’t have any idea about how to set a Strategy
  • No idea what to say in my messaging
  • Sales Funnels, what are they and how can they help me?
  • I’m scared of being seen on Social Media
  • How can I attract my Ideal Client?
  • I’ve been in Corporate Marketing for years, I should know what to do!
  • Totally stuck with what to post about
  • There’s just not enough time to do everything!
  • I haven’t got an email list
  • I’m just rubbish at promoting myself! 
  • What if I mess up?

These are all things people have said to me before I’ve helped them.

This is your Fixed Mindset though.

You’re born with it and it’s there to keep you safe.

BUT, often just holds you back! 

Great news though, it’s super simple to get over this and……

Move into the GROWTH MINDSET, so you can move forward. 

All of the above are easy to conquer once you know how.

Following a Simple Marketing Formula can also help.

Marketing Coaching and working on your Strategy is the way to go.

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