Just think what would happen if Social Media died tomorrow?

If you have an email list you’d still have a list of potential clients that’s yours and no one can take that away!

Plus if you rely on SM for all your business and have groups and pages, that’s great – but you need to get people’s emails and get them on to a list!

Everyone is on on-line these days, but if you’re still not sold on why you need an email list or how simple it can be to start one read on;


1. You have total control of your potential leads – No annoying third party updates here!

2. Email Marketing saves you money – Once you have a list you can send your messages and offers whenever you like for FREE!

3. It can save you time – An automated ‘on-boarding’ or welcoming sequence is easy to set up and costs very little to do*

4. People want ‘Instant Responses’ – Information needs to be delivered immediately these days! At any time of day or night and with simple automated responses, this is another easy-to-do-task, once you get to know your list provider set up’s

5. You can track results and see what works – Check ‘open-rates’ – that’s how many people actually open your emails and keep your list clean

6. You can include links within your emails – To find out if a specific topic is relevant to a lead – include a link and then add a ‘tag’

7. Adding Tags helps with Segmentation – You can start to think about new products or services that a customer might want,when you know what they are interested in

8. Regular Emails help you to stay ‘Top of Mind’ – It’s a well-used Marketing term and means – the more often a client sees you, the more they will think of you (not your competitors) to solve their problem

9. You can use Email as part of your Strategy – Planning ahead with Email is simple to do and you can schedule messages to go out as part of any campaign

10. Potential customers want to know what to do next – So help them with strong CTA’s (Call To Actions) i.e. do this, go here, click on this or buy that. If you have something that’s of use to your potential customers – tell them about


I have a list of the essential Marketing Activities you need to focus on for your Business and building your email list is in the top 10!

It could be No.1 along with a couple of others – you can read the full list here, but I can’t stress highly enough the value you will get from building an email list of potential clients.

*On-boarding or ‘Nurture’ sequence , automated emails are not usually found in the Free CRM (List Building) options, but for around £10 per month – it’s a must-have!