How you can ‘Be more Susie’ but first, introducing the Chipoodletriever…

… that’s what my kids say our dog is, when asked what breed he is!

His mum was a Chihuahua and his dad was a little Poodle, Golden Retriever cross – hence Chipoodletriever!

It was definitely a new breed on me, and he is very cute – but then maybe you think the same of a Marketing Coach? The new a new breed bit that is!

Like our dog, as a Marketing Coach, I aim to please – although I don’t bark at the postman (often)!

My main aim is to help to ‘Bring out the Marketer in you!’

How do I do that you might ask? Well, here’s a brief idea;

A good Marketing Coach will;

  1. Help you to uncover the thing that’s holding you back or bugging you, by asking you the right questions
  2. Assist in finding the answers to your questions, and by the way you probably had them all the time!
  3. Be a helping hand, to unpick your specific Marketing problems
  4. Focus on where you are now and what the next steps are
  5. Be a Mentor and fill in the gaps when you don’t have all the knowledge
  6. Help you set clear action points to get you where you need to be

Setting simple Marketing Solutions is just that – simple – when you know what you want and how to get there.

If you’re thinking “But I don’t think I have the answers?!” – Don’t worry, I’m not going to tap my pen and waste half an hour of your or my time, I’ll jump in with suggestions (that’s the mentoring bit) that will speed up the process. That’s because I’ve been where you are and I’ve got the experience and knowledge.

It’s like having your own focused Marketing Dept! 

Finding the answers to your problems ‘in you’ is really so powerful though! You realise that you know your business and your clients better than anyone else and you’ll be so motivated and keen to take action, you might even set the alarm an hour early to get started.

Take Susie* – Susie knew that there was something missing with her Marketing. She knew what she had to do, she just didn’t want to face it or do it!

She was scared and that’s often what holds us back, fear of doing it wrong, fear of people judging us or just fear of the unknown.

But you deserve to shine (like Susie) and your business deserves the time and effort involved to get you where you want to be.

So Susie, took the first step in doing something different, but super simple with her Marketing.

All it took was a discussion, lots of questions from me, and answers from her.

There were ‘light-bulb’ moments – excited noises, plans that were being formed and actions agreed to be taken.

That was week one! Susie is now on week 6 and her business has a new lease of life!

She is more confident with her Content and her Social Media voice, she’s focused on the type of customers she wants for the future and she’s using her email list like a demon!

Plus, Susie is in love with her business again and can see exactly how she’s going to reach her specific goals.

If you want financial freedom, if you want the option to work the hours you want to work around your children, if you want to make NOW the time you scale and grow – get in touch and …

…Let’s get Marketing and be more Susie!


*Not her real name but a real client!

NB. Whether you’d like 1:1 Marketing help or Group Coaching, there’s always an option