If you’ve heard of the USP – the Unique Selling Point, let me introduce you to the UVP – the Unique Value Proposition, the new guy in town!

The UVP is more customer-focused and sounds nicer as it talks of ‘Value’ rather than Selling.

We are all in business to sell, but our customers will only buy if they see value!

The UVP should be part of your Marketing Strategy* and it’s worth thinking of it in this way;

  • What do you do?
  • For who?
  • How do you help them (the end result)?

And what of your Marketing Strategy* – what are the key elements you need to consider?

  1. Set your company Mission and describe your company’s UVP – Write an ‘Elevator’ type pitch or just a sentence that describes your business (as above)
  2. Define your Ideal Client – the kinds of people who your service or product is for
  3. Put in place a System for Selling and for getting new Leads
  4. Decide on your methods for Promotion
  5. Start building a bank of  Content that you can re-use as required

Tips for your ongoing ‘Marketing Information System’ – MIS

Larger companies will have a MIS – it’s where they store all the data, research and competitor information.

You can start with a simple SWOT analysis and being aware of who and what is around in your Marketplace.

Always ‘Focus on Progress not Perfection’ – Your Marketing journey route will probably have some bumps along the way – but that’s ok and you can learn from your mistakes.