When we start in business we often wear many different hats and we’re always juggling.

But without Marketing being one hat you regularly put on, you could be missing opportunities.

Here’s my quick and easy 6 step guide to becoming your own one-person online Marketing Manager;


1. Focus first on the most important and current goal

What’s the task you know you need to tackle right away? You can still have your overall company Mission (why you’re in business) in mind, but focusing on one goal is key.

Write the goal down and state why it’s important – this can be like having a meeting with yourself and just going through these motions, will make you more committed and your goals more real.

2. Be specific and realistic about what you want to achieve 

If you want more clients, what Strategy will you put in place to achieve this and are you putting a time frame and targets around this? Using SMART goals is a great start. Think about which type of media or promotion will work best for you and that your Ideal Clients will see?

Don’t underestimate how long things will take you, as being responsible for all the dept’s in your business might mean you have to jump onto another task without warning. I’d suggest building in some contingency time.

3. Know your Ideal Client and the sort of things that they need help with

If you don’t know your Ideal Client (IC) then it will be hard to write meaningful Content for them. What are they struggling with? How can you help? Identifying the EXACT PROBLEMS your IC has is a major part of your Marketing.

Not sure who your IC is or what they are like? Take a look in the mirror, it’s usually a version of you, maybe now, maybe in the past and that’s why you relate so well, you’ve been in their shoes. Let people know your experience and why you’d be a great fit together.

4. Create systems and automate to work smarter not harder

Being your own boss has it’s benefits, but you need to be super organised and having systems in place is key. There are many options out there; tools like Trello, Todist or GooglesDocs, to name a few, but you can always start with a simple copy and paste ‘template’ style info that you know you’ll use time and again.

Automate tasks where possible, on-boarding clients or leads when they give you their email address is simple to do with a low-cost CRM (Customer Relationship Manager – or Email List tool). Schedule Social Media posts in advance (this helps with the overwhelm of tasks too) and if you can have regular days or times in the week or month where you do the same activities such as creating Content, checking your Website for glitches, updating offers or prices and accounts.

5. Take action and then monitor what works best

Yes, you must take action! All the plans in the world are just dreams without action, so get to work. Then, notice which posts and Content get the best results. Try using different words that have the same meaning – to see what resonates.

Mix up your Headlines and the images you use. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to the various Social Media Channels. Think about hashtags and do some research. Look at the insights on your SM platforms and sign up for Google Analytics.

6. Make time for SELLING and follow-ups everyday!

If you can try and sell everyday in some way (ooh that rhymes) – then feast or famine months will be a thing of the past.

Selling doesn’t mean cold calling – that’s not advisable. But you must follow up on enquires, set dates in your diary and set reminders so you don’t forget. Think of what the next step is for your clients and make it easy for them to join a program, book an appointment with you or buy your ‘thing’.

You could email with a link to check out something new or devise a new Lead magnet and share it everywhere that will let you! Try using Direct Message on your chosen Socal Channels – it’s more instant than emails and currently not so busy as email.

Promotion and Social Selling – or the use of Content are closely linked, but nothing beats a 1:1 call for that high touch conversion from lead to client.

And as a bonus to remember – ‘Focus on Progress not Perfection’

Understand you’ll always have a to-do list as long as your arm and you’ll often feel out of your depth, overwhelmed and sometimes ready to quit! Having a good Mindset, focusing on the positives and waving goodbye to any kind of limiting beliefs is what will get you through. Don’t compare and dispair! Comparing yourself to anyone else can be de-motivating. We all have different restrictions, dependants and hours available in the day. Plus comparing yourself to someone in the same space as you is also a big no-no. They may have been in business longer, invested more – or simply not be telling the truth about their success.  Focus on where you are today compared to where you were last month! 

Keep these 6 simple steps in mind and become your own online Marketing Manager and remember…

… Marketing Matters!